Benefits of Wedding Tux Rental Services

Tuxedos are usually the most preferred attire for gentlemen for many special occasions, such as weddings. These outfits are ultra-stylish and make the wearer look chic and gentlemanly. Wearing the right tux on your wedding day will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Most men prefer tux rentals to buying their own for many reasons.

Most men will wear the tuxedo only once or twice in a year or even in a lifetime. It therefore makes more sense to rent instead of purchasing one, because it may outlive its usefulness in a very short time span. Furthermore, with the ever-changing trends in the fashion world, it will make more sense to rent a tux than to purchase one. By the time you are wearing it again, the design may be out of date or fashion and you may end up looking out of place and not in touch with the latest trend. Most Columbus wedding tux rental shops keep up with the latest trends and are better able to advice you on the best type to suit you.

It is a well-known fact that quality tuxedos do not come cheap. Tuxedo rentals are therefore a better solution when looking for affordable attire. You can be sure to find excellent designs in different colors and fabric depending on your personal taste. This means that you can look great on a budget.

Wedding tux rentals offer more variety as compared to buying one expensive outfit that you wear to every formal occasion. By opting for a rental you get to show off your versatility and great taste in dressing. In addition to choosing from a large variety of styles and designs, you can customize the tie color and the vest to match your bride or date’s beautiful attire.

Another benefit of renting a tux is that you need not worry about caring and maintenance of the piece. These garments often require special care to ensure they do not shrink, go out of shape or tear. When you opt to have your own tux, it is vital that you know how to take good care of it. The downside of this is that most men do not know how to do this and so it is better to leave that job to the rental shop. All you need to do is pick it up and return it back to the store.

Some tux rental shops may offer freebies and discounts for large orders as would be the case for weddings. Most stores offer gifts in form of lower discounts and special rates for their loyal customers. This enhances customer relations hence you can trust them to be a convenient option even for last-minute situations. There are even online tux rental stores with a wide variety of tuxedos.  When looking for a rental tux, be sure to reserve your choice in advance especially if it is wedding season because there are many people looking for the perfect tux just like you. With tux rentals you can never go wrong in terms of fit, cost and style.

Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

Whether you’ve gained a couple of extra unwanted pounds over Christmas, or if you’ve got a wedding planned and want to make sure you can comfortably fit into that dress you’ve seen in the shop window – losing weight is rarely an easy feat. There are a host of diet schemes available out there to choose from and it can be tough to know which one will work best for you.

But it is possible to shed those pounds at a healthy rate, without resorting to any specific diet in particular – getting into the habit of eating sensibly can help you lose weight gradually, and you don’t have to worry about keeping a points tracker or cutting out anything specific. Here are a few sensible eating tips to get you started:

Eat Little and Often

If you generally tend to eat one or two big meals a day and nothing else, then the fat you consume can be tougher to burn off – by having longer gaps between food, your body will get into the habit of retaining fat, so that you have energy to last. Having four or five smaller meals spread across the day, alongside regular exercise, will encourage your body to convert the calories you take in faster.

Cut Out Trashy Snacks

Temptation can be difficult to resist – a packet of crisps here, a biscuit there – especially in the middle of the afternoon, or late at night. But once you’ve not snacked for a few days and over the initial hump, putting off snacking does get easier. Making sure the meals you do eat are rounded and well-balanced will also help to eliminate those between-meal hunger spells.
If you find yourself lacking in energy at work and only a snack will do, make it a healthy one, such as an apple or a low-fat yoghurt.

Keep Hydrated

Water helps with the healthy digestion of food, but it also plays a vital role in the calorie burning process, so it’s always important to ensure you’re getting enough.

Always Read the Label

It might seem obvious, but it can be easy to pick unhealthy foods up off the shelf in the supermarket without even looking at the label, particularly if it’s busy or if you’re pressed for time – and once you’ve paid for an item, you might feel more obligated to just eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. But if you’re looking to eat more healthily, then it pays to make time to read the packet. If you’re unsure about something, always have a look at the number of calories and the saturated fat content, and see how that compares with the guideline daily amount (GDA).

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This article is written by Adam who works for Express Doctor. ED are one of UK’s handful of online legal pharmacy and are ranked number 2 on Trustpilot in the Drugs category. In his free time, Adam enjoys travelling abroad and keeping on top of technology.


Doing a house move is hectic, tiresome and time-consuming. It’s never easy to move house and leave everything you are used to behind. If you need to relocate and you have children, the move might seem even harder than it should be. The biggest reason for that is because children find it really hard to get used to the idea of the move and all the changes they have to face. Saying goodbye to their friends, leaving the familiar neighborhood and their favorite places in town, changing the school and their usual routine is a dreaded situation for every child or teenager. It is even tougher for parents when they have to organize so many things and find time to keep tain their children’s lives. One of the first things to do if you want to ensure a closer to normal first stage of the move, is to talk to your children. Explain the situation as it is – the move has a reason so be honest about it. If you have teenagers get ready to deal with some drama and frustration. The problem with this is that teenagers tend to shut out others and stay in denial about the whole situation. You will probably have to give them a few days or even weeks before asking them to help out with the moving process.
List the positive things of the move and try to make your children understand. If you are moving to a safer neighborhood, a bigger town or they will go to a better school, the changes might be better than they expect. Help them see the positive sides of the move and the new area. If you have a layout of the new flat or house sit down and discuss how the new home should look like. Let everyone give their suggestions. If your children know that they can arrange their rooms the way they want to, choose the colour of the walls and even some new furniture pieces, they will get more excited about the move. Try to get them involved, but don’t pressure them if they don’t want to pack china and books. The key to an easy and problem-free house removal with children is in the right communication and the certainty that everything is well-planned and organized. If they see your confidence about the moving process, instead of the stress and frustration (which are also usually inevitable), they will eventually feel more positive about it too. Without doubt, it depends on you how your children will see the change – as a new opportunity and a new beginning for the family or as a terrifying new experience. Discuss the new school with them and take a trip to the new town. If your children see the school and meet their teachers before the move, they will feel more confident and less stressed out. The first days after the move will be extremely hectic and busy for everyone. Your children will inevitably feel nervous about the new area and school, so think of something fun  to do together. Take them to the cinema, to a nice restaurant or sign them for a sport or another activity. Try to go back to the usual routine, despite all the piles of unpacked boxes around the house. The quicker you turn the empty space into a home, the faster your children will adapt to the house and the new location.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Bank Accounts

There are some couples who share everything and some who share nothing but when it comes to finances, money is something that has to be shared. When you’re young looking after your own financial affairs can be enough of a hassle, but as you get older and enter into a mortgage agreement, have a car loan and you’re paying bills, it makes a lot more sense for couples to have a joint bank account.
Studies have shown that the majority of people in the UK will open a joint bank account when they enter into a serious relationship. Taking on someone else’s finances as well as your own is a huge commitment and there are a bunch of advantages and disadvantages that you should consider.
One of the huge advantages of joint accounts is the convenience; rather than one person paying for everything and the other having to give them half separately, if all of your money is together in one place you just use half of everything. This makes it much easier to pay joint bills and even do the food shopping, as you’ve both put the whole of your wage in there.
Putting all of your money together could also help you save for future expenses – like a holiday, wedding or even children – if one of you earns more than the other then the likelihood is that one of you will have nothing left at the end of the month (because you’ve split everything) while the other still has money left over to save. It would make more sense if the money that was left over each month was saved towards both of you futures.
If one of you does earn significantly more than the other then you could both have your own accounts but have a joint account too and when you’ve both been paid put a set amount into the joint account to pay for bills, rent and food and keep the rest of your money separately. This may seem a little bit unfair but you’ll be surprised how many arguments it will prevent.
Despite the many advantages of joint bank accounts there are also disadvantages that have to be taken into account.
Your joint bank account is only ever as stable as your relationship. You and your partner will know everything about each other’s bank accounts so you have to be sure that you trust them completely before making this type of commitment.
Finally, you will have no financial privacy at all as your partner will know everything that you spend your money on and exactly how much you earn. This may prove a problem for some people as they do like some independence.

This article was written by Mike Smith on behalf of instant cash payday loans company






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Not Your Average Bride

You would be wrong to think that every girl dreams of herself as the blushing bride, floating serenely down the aisle towards her betrothed wearing a floaty, lacy meringue. Sometimes going with the traditional flow is just not in keeping with a girl’s personality.
You may be under pressure from friends or family to keep to the classic white or ivory dress – and to be honest, most brides look absolutely stunning wearing these choices, but perhaps you could introduce something to your outfit that make it just a little more quirky and personal to you?
Use your imagination but consider the photographs!
If you are going to wear something a little out of the ordinary, you may be best sticking with something which won’t show – unless you choose to flash of course!

The traditional white or ivory satin shoe is still the traditional choice for the majority of brides; they can be dyed to match any bridesmaid or mother-of-the-bride outfit too. If your favourite colour is purple, orange or turquoise, there is nothing to stop you going for bold if you choose to.  After the big day, you can arrange to have the shoes dyed a dark colour or black so at least you can wear them again.
If you are looking for alternative footwear for your winter wedding day, Ugg Australia have recently launched a white sequin covered boot and a silver suede boot with rhinestone button. They also do a white fluffy flip flop to complete their cosy sheepskin range.
Traditionally the footwear of choice for police officers, skinheads and soccer hooligans, Dr Marten include a range of white snakeskin, gold, and floral patterned boots which certainly provide comfort and a touch of rebellion to any bridal ensemble.
Converse and TOMS both include white and pastel sneakers in their range, available in leather, grosgrain or glitter. You could even opt for a pair of customised shoes by decorating a new pair of plain white canvas tennis shoes with sequins, glitter gel paints and trim.
White lace top stockings or hold-ups are the standard bridal choice but there are a number of alternatives.
White fishnets can look really funky if worn over a pair of pink or blue stockings. Lacy tights, glitter adorned or heart patterned stockings can add an ultra-feminine and glamorous touch.
Over the knee sheer socks tied with a bow of blue ribbon can look adorable and very sexy.
Choose something which mirrors your personality, even if no one else apart from your husband knows what you wear under your wedding dress – at least you can have the last laugh.

Cassie Heaney writes many articles on wedding fashions, here she writes on behalf of Bridal Shoes UK

5 Amazing Wedding Venues in South Africa

South Africa houses numerous wedding venues. As a matter of fact, a lot of couples want to hold their wedding in South Africa because it offers world classvenues. Locals as well as foreigner couples have numerous choices when it comes to South African wedding venues. South Africa is the home of beautiful oceans, pristine forests, stunning mountains and breathtaking deserts.


If you are planning to hold your wedding in South Africa, then here are the top 5 wedding venues to choose from.

1.      Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

 If a luxurious wedding is what you are looking for, then definitely this is the perfect venue. This is actually a gaming lodge, but a lot of couples choose Sabi Sabi as their wedding venue. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most sought after wedding venues in South Africa. It is ideal for five-star safari styled wedding because there are luxurious lodges to choose from that give you a bush of overlooking hills.

2.      The Suikerbossie

The place is situated near Table Mountain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This breathtaking wedding venue will definitely wow your guests. It is ideal for garden wedding ceremony and in fact you can hold your wedding in the garden at no extra charge. On the day of the wedding, chairs, umbrellas, as well as gazebos will be made available. If your wedding happens to be in winter, then there will be a log fire to heat up the place. Indoor wedding is also offered, especially if the weather is bad.

 3.      Bella Vista

The place is located at 1000 Hills, KwaZulu Natal. This place is highly recommended for intimate wedding because it features some of the best views in South Africa. Bella Vista was recognized as the best In House Planning and Reception Venue. This award was given by South African Bridal Industry Academy. The Bella Vista’s function room has an adjoining undercover deck and it has the ability to hold up to 170 guests. Amenities included in Bella Vista are:

  • Lower open deck
  • Swimming pool
  • Service bar
  • Gazebo
  • Beautiful landscaped garden
  • Wide and secure parking space

4.      Oakfield Farm  

The farm is famous for holding elegant weddings. The place has a team of professionals who keeps the farm in good condition thereby making Oakfield farm an unmatched wedding venue. There is an open chapel located in the Cottonwood Forest. For intimate wedding ceremony, you can hold the wedding inside the open chapel. If you have a lot of guests, then you can perhaps opt for a garden wedding. Couples who opt for garden wedding always spend their wedding in Oakfield Farm.

5.      Cathedral Peak

This hotel is approximately 3 hours away from Durban. Cathedral Peak Hotel is a very good choice as it offers a country chic wedding ambiance. It can hold numerous numbers of guests and the good thing about Cathedral Peak is that it has onsite accommodation.

These are just some of the best wedding venues in South Africa. As a matter of fact, there are so many options to choose from starting from traditional, contemporary, and modern, down to unique wedding venues. South African wedding venues have a competitive rate so you should compare one venue to another. You will be given huge array of choices so that you will be able to choose a wedding venue that suits your budget.

Author Bio

Emilia Lanwehr is a writer that features different wedding destinations in the world including Beautiful South Africa Wedding Venues. She has been writing articles about wedding preparation and planning. She helps couples find the perfect place for their dream wedding.

Top Tips For Fireworks Displays All The Family Can Enjoy

Top Tips For Fireworks Displays All The Family Can Enjoy

Any fireworks display should be organised with the utmost safety in mind. This is particularly important when dealing with children, who tend to account for the largest number of accidents per year. Beginning with a general level of safety that will ensure that the fireworks display you put on is safe for anyone, it’s then worth considering some specific ways in which children’s safety can be increased. Covering areas like sparklers and what to do in the event of an injury, the following guide should help to make safety a key part of an enjoyable fireworks display.

First Steps

When buying fireworks, always check that they carry a BS 7114 or a CE mark – this shows that they’ve been approved by health and safety regulators. Licensed fireworks should also be sold in reputable stores close to major events like Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. For displays put on for weddings and parties, always go for a licensed seller, and don’t be tempted to save money on cheaper fireworks. In terms of finding the right space for a display, make sure that you give enough room between the fireworks and the crowd, as well as any surrounding buildings or trees that might catch alight. 20m to 100m if usually recommended. Moreover, inform any neighbours of the display, and consider taking out public liability insurance in the event of an accident.

One person should be the chief organiser for the displays, and should be responsible for letting off fireworks on the night. This person should ideally be someone who’s had experience with fireworks before. Responsible adults can be used as supervisors on the night, both for crowd control and keeping an eye on children. On the night, set up your display stand well in advance of it getting dark, and make sure you know the order in which your fireworks will be let off.

Lock pets in the house before you start the fireworks, and ensure that the crowd are given instructions over which areas to not cross. Lay down some tape if unsure. Invest in a fireproof jacket or gloves, and keep sand and plenty of water on hand in the event of a spark or a firework malfunctioning. If a firework hasn’t gone off, but you’re not sure if it’s still live, douse it in water, and inform the fire service if you don’t want to take the risk of approaching it.

Child Safety

When organising an event with a lot of people, you need to focus on child supervision, especially around younger children and babies. As a general rule, babies should not attend fireworks events if they are going to be upset by loud noises and the crowds. In terms of sparklers, do not give them to children under 5, and make sure that anyone with a sparkler is well supervised. Moreover, never allow a child to light or handle a fireworks display. If an accident does occur, have a first aid kit on hand while informing emergency services. For sparks in the eye, cover them with gauze rather than trying to wash it yourself. The same goes for serious burns, which can be treated with cool water and gauze before an ambulance can arrive.

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Rob James is a father of four girls, who recommends you buy Fireworks online from Dynamic Fireworks.  He has found they are very helpful and safety conscious.  Rob’s Girls at time of writing were aged 6-10 and have experience many safe bonfire nights.  He can be found blogging about many different aspects of family life.

Supermarket Sweep: 5 Important Retail Innovations

As a nation, we Brits simply can’t get enough of shopping. No sooner are there a few pounds in our pocket and we’re making a bee-line for the nearest supermarket or mall to look for a bargain.

In answer to this unremitting desire to propel ourselves in to the milieu of the 21st century shopping experience, retailers are having to come up with ever more inventive and original ways to encourage us to buy things.

This includes using the myriad of technological designs and innovations at their disposal, and by teaming up with some of the most cutting edge hi-tech companies in the world practically every week ushers in a new shopping techniques or apps designed to improve our shopping experience.

Here are a few of the most significant innovations to hit the retail sector in the past few years.



This will have a potentially massive effect on the way ahead for both shoppers and retailers in the not-so-distant future, allowing shoppers to use their phones to interact with stores. Smartphones can use Wi-Fi networks and GPS so retailers can potentially track customer journeys in store, which would retailers to identify customer browsing patterns.  It’s a tool that also allows customers to find things more easily, and Tesco and Harrods are trialling in-store navigation that directs shoppers to specific products. Taking it one step further, John Lewis is looking at using GPS to identify shoppers in specific stores to send them particularly relevant offers.



An invaluable and cost effective method for retailers to gauge particular shopping habits and trends, it is one of the primary ways of modern shops/shopper interaction in the age of multichannel retailing. It’s a boon for giving retailers an indispensible view of how customers use the myriad of ecommerce options available to them, including online, mobile and in-store. And, as New Labour once proudly proclaimed:  “Things can only get better.” With technology getting better seemingly every week, there’s the potential for analytic systems to incorporate real-time responses, useful for, for example, a customer enquiring if a particular item is in stock.


Self Service

Practically every supermarket is lined with multiple self-service tills, but the actual technology to use them is still evolving. For example, supplying an app that allows you to use your Smartphone to self-scan items is currently being developed, as is a variation on the self service theme known as the internet kiosk. If only they had an app that could reduce the size of the queues.


Mobile Commerce

Mobile phones are omnipresent and popular anyway, so it makes sense that retailers are cottoning on to this fact by producing various apps and technologies to keep abreast of this ever-burgeoning trend. Customers are now able to access information about price range, offers and discounts.

In addition, the barcode-based QR (Quick Response) codes are featuring more frequently in catalogues, restaurants and stores.  The only possible disadvantage is that the shop assistants themselves aren’t as techno-savvy or clued up all the deals, and some retailers are combating this potential problem by equipping staff with tablets which gives details about particular products and online information.


Social Networking

As if there was any doubt that Facebook and social networking would show its face – it takes up more than five times more of users’ time than any other website.  Interesting though, although a lot of retailers have a Facebook page, many of them are reluctant to directly sell online through links on the site, instead providing users with special offers and daily updates.

These are some of the main technical innovations and kind of crm software that retailers have adopted to try to enhance and improve our shopping experience and with the technological goal posts constantly changing you can bet it won’t be long before there are more gadgets and gizmos to entice us to part with our pounds.

Do you think these wizardly technical advances are a help or a hindrance?

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James Duval is an IT specialist who is addicted to his Xbox and all things techie. He’s also something of a shopaholic, and with so many things to buy he expects the retail experience to be able to cope with his demanding retail needs. He blogs regularly for K3 Retail.

Rustic, Unconventional Jewelry

Rustic – Definition from the website:

1. Of, pertaining to, or living in the country, as distinguished from towns or cities; rural.

2. Simple, artless, or unsophisticated.

3. Uncouth, rude, or boorish.

4. Made of roughly dressed limbs or roots of trees, as garden seats.

5. (Of stonework) having the surfaces rough or irregular and the joints sunken or beveled.

Enjoy Rustic Jewelry every Day

This definition above, from the website, gives an insight into the prevalent attitude towards rustic jewelry. Many immediately associated jewelry with beautiful diamonds, gold chains, rubies and sapphires. These high-end pieces are suitable for certain events such as weddings and the like but generally, the majority of the population do not walk around bedecked with precious jewels on a daily basis. What many don’t know however, is that it is possible to enjoy rustic jewelry; even high-end rustic jewelry on a day-to-day basis. There are many special, antique pieces that can add much to one’s outfit and can really cause people to take a double-take when they see the unusual, attractive piece one is wearing.

How Difficult is it to find Rustic Pieces?

One of the main reasons that people don’t like rustic jewelry is because they assume that finding rustic pieces is much more difficult than high-end jewelry. This is simply not true and one needs to know where to search for it as it is definitely out there and it is possible to say that in recent years even more so, as the unique look of the jewelry is often quite sought-after in this generation who are often searching for ways to stand out using accessories.

It is definitely recommended to visit antique jewelry shops and secondhand stores- there are many treasures that have been found in such places in the past and this may be the way for you to find a particular special, one-of-a-kind piece. Obviously, we must mention the option of on-line shopping because, as with almost everything, rustic jewelry can also be found on-line or can at least provide you with addresses of stores that could sell rustic jewelry. Search for rare jewelry stores in your vicinity and some may even have the option to shop on-line in which case you can carry out your searches form the comfort of your home and deck yourself out without even moving from your seat.

Buy Wisely

There is, understandably, some hesitancy on many people’s part when it comes to shopping online for rare pieces of rustic jewelry. This hesitancy is not necessarily due to fraudulent jewelry dealers, although this too can obviously be a factor. It is more due to the fact that when choosing jewelry online, one sees pictures of the piece, has a certain idea about how it looks and may be bitterly disappointed when the piece is delivered to them and they discover that it just doesn’t look exactly how they expected it to. It is definitely worthwhile making sure that online jewelry stores have exchange policies in the case that the jewelry is defective or doesn’t live p to your expectations.

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Uriel Sella is one of the owners of, an online Judaica web-store, where you can find unique and amazing jewelry collection. Don’t miss it!

Top 4 Bridal Lingerie Set Ideas

You’ve chosen the venue, you’ve chosen the dress, you’ve even (I hope) chosen the groom. But one thing still remains… the lingerie!

Your bridal lingerie is not something to leave to the last minute. For one thing you want to look your best on your first night as husband and wife, and for another the lingerie you choose can potentially change how your dress fits you so it’s imperative you wear it to your first dress fitting!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are 4 bridal lingerie ensemble ideas…

1. Bra and knickers

The classic bra and knickers set is just that – a classic! This lingerie combination is timeless and looks great on everyone. Think it sounds boring? Not when you opt for decadent lace or opulent silk fabrics, and look for those small but beautiful finishing details like intricate beading, decorative picot trim or perhaps even a contrasting lining that peeks through the lace – baby blue under white is a bridal must-have!

Works with: a bra and knickers works with any dress style. Of course, if your dress is strapless you’ll need to opt for a strapless bra and if you’ve got a large bust you might find these don’t stay up so well or provide a lot of support, so a corset might be a better idea…

2. Corset and tie side knickers

A corset screams luxury! It’s the perfect indulgent treat for yourself on your wedding day and a great chance to splash out on an expensive lingerie item you might not otherwise buy, that can be worn time and again after the big day.

A corset will give you a sexy hourglass figure with a nipped in waist, so continue those fantastic curves by teaming with tie-side knickers that add extra volume to the hips – this makes your waist look even smaller in comparison!

Works with: dresses with a structured fit at the bust and waist (to show off those gorgeous corseted curves!) but which don’t have too much boning themselves – wearing one corset on top of another is really not going to be comfortable. This lingerie also requires a dress that flares out at the waist or hips, as if it’s pretty figure-hugging you’re going to get bumps where the side-ties on the knickers show through.

3. Basque, brief and stockings

A basque is the ‘sister’ of the corset – it’s equally luxurious and expensive looking, but has a little less boning so it’s more comfortable to wear, although that also means it won’t give you that dramatic nipped-in waist that a corset will.

Look for a basque with suspender straps and wear with matching briefs (knickers or a thong depending on your personal preference) and bridal stockings. These could be ivory or white, or nude if you don’t like the look of white legs. Stockings with a special detail such as a deep lace trim to the top, or embroidery up the side, add that special wedding touch – just be sure to buy a spare pair and keep them in your bag as stockings have a tendency to ladder!

Works with: anything! As with a bra, you’ll need a strapless basque with a strapless dress – or one with beautiful straps you’re happy to have on show! I wouldn’t recommend wearing a basque under a highly corseted dress though as that won’t be very comfortable – a bra and suspender belt is a better option in that case.

4. Knickers and garter

Luxury lingerie doesn’t always have to mean lots of lingerie – a simple knickers and garter combination can be super sexy and beautiful! Since you’re only buying two items, you’ll have more money to spend on each so you can buy a truly glamorous pair of knickers in a high quality fabric.

A bridal garter is very traditional and is something women don’t commonly wear nowadays, so putting one on for your wedding day makes this lingerie set seem extra special and unique. There are all sorts of beautiful styles to choose from – check out for some of my favourite handmade ones!

Works with: wedding dresses that have a very structured top section, such as a corset or just a dress with plenty of boning or stiff fabric, since it leaves your tummy free to be squeezed and nipped in by the dress! It’s also the perfect lingerie to wear with a dress that has built-in support, since there’s no bra.

Are you engaged and planning your wedding lingerie? I’d love to hear what you’ve chosen to match your dress style and why!

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Michelle Star writes for Esty Lingerie about all things lingerie-related! She’s a particular fan of baques and thinks there no more luxurious fabric than high-quality lace.