A New Addition to the Family

A New Addition to the Family

Thinking about getting a pet for the family? Make sure you do your homework. Getting the best pet for your family takes time and consideration. Know what you want and how much you are willing to invest- time, money and care.

Five 20That are Great For Families:

• Beta Fishes. Betas are beautiful inexpensive pets. They come in a variety of bright colors and can be placed in countless locations. Unlike other fishes, these fish don’t require tanks or air filters. Moreover, they are very low maintenance. The standard feeding guide is to feed Betas three pellets twice a day; however, they are so versatile they adapt to irregular feeding times if need be. The negatives about getting a Beta includes: you can’t place two males together, or they will constantly fight, they can become uninteresting after a while, and their weekly water changes may grow bothersome.

• Calicos. Calicos are very beautiful, independent, and loving cats. They also have lively personalities, don’t shed as much as other cats, and they love to be pampered. Negatively, because this particular cat is a mix of breeds, genetics almost always produces females; the likelihood of getting a male is very slim. Also as undesirable to some, this breed can get moody if it isn’t allocated all the attention and activity it desires.

• Pitbulls. Exceedingly ill-conceived as being vicious, uncontrollable canines, pitbulls make great family pets. In a study of 122 dog breeds conducted by the American Temperament Society, pits received a score of 83.9%, making them no more malicious than a beagle (78.2) or golden retriever (83.2%). Pitbulls are actual extremely loving, loyal companions. There are a lot of breeders who have pitbull puppies for sale. Best known by their owners, pits are highly protective, yet very playful. Of course not everything is false that you hear: pitbulls are aggressive, but toward other animals; they are outside dogs that require room to run around; they need structure and discipline to be trained.

• Cockatiels. One of the most popular birds for a pet for many reasons: they come in a variety of colors, are easily tamed, and they have great social skills. Likewise, these birds love being petted and held, as well as, enjoy mimicking and whistling. Adversely, these birds have the tendency to be very noisy and moody when they feel they are being neglected. They can also be a bit messy. They scatter seeds and feathers around and their cages need attending to at least once a week.

Holland Lops. Holland Lops make great beginner pets for any kind of family. They have great temperaments, are entertaining and have outgoing personalities. However, they can be high maintenance. If not taken care of properly they will stink and grow hesitant and unfriendly. Handle with care.

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