Alternatives to Gold and Platinum Wedding Rings

Whether you want to save money, or are simply interested in having something different from the norm, choosing an unusual wedding band or a set of rings made from an unusual material can be a great idea. While gold in various shades, from classic yellow to white or rose, is the traditional material from which wedding rings are made, and platinum has become the fashionable alternative due to its durability, beauty and rarity, there are all kinds of other things you can have your wedding bands made out of – not all of them even metal!


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Here are just some of the alternatives available to you if you don’t want gold or platinum rings for your big day:


While many people think of silver as a lesser metal than gold or platinum, there are also a lot of people who actually prefer its color. Flattering on most skin tones, and very easy to engrave with attractive or interesting designs, silver is not just a lot cheaper than other precious metals, it also has a charm all of its own.


Titanium is becoming a more and more commonly used material in jewelry, including wedding rings. It is very hard and durable, and its specific color works very well as everyday jewelry – it is also easier than most to coordinate with a watch. Many men also like the more rugged look of titanium, so if your groom to be is against gold or platinum but wants a manly looking band, then titanium could be the perfect choice!


If you are looking for a budget material for your wedding rings, but still want something that will allow you to choose an attractive design or even have something personalized, then wood is an often overlooked option. Wooden rings can last very well, and can be decorated with carving, burning and other techniques, as well as stained and finished in all kinds of ways. If you are someone who likes the natural, bohemian look, this style of ring can fit very well. Wood is also a good choice for couples who can’t afford the rings they really want – they use the wooden rings as symbolic wedding rings on the day and wear them while they save up for the permanent rings they want to wear.


Ceramic is a good choice if you don’t want metal, and want something more substantial or expensive than wood. It can be decorated in an almost endless number of ways, so you can have any color or pattern you want. There are a lot of companies and crafters who make custom ceramic jewelry and will happily accept a commission for the kind of wedding bands you want, or even make up your own designs.

These are just some of the alternative metals and other non metallic materials you could consider if you want an alternative to the conventional gold or platinum rings for your wedding. Whether your priority is price or individuality, it is easy to find stunning rings made from all kinds of things!

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