Alternatives to Gold and Platinum Wedding Rings

Whether you want to save money, or are simply interested in having something different from the norm, choosing an unusual wedding band or a set of rings made from an unusual material can be a great idea. While gold in various shades, from classic yellow to white or rose, is the traditional material from which…


Rustic, Unconventional Jewelry

Rustic – Definition from the Dictionary.com website: 1. Of, pertaining to, or living in the country, as distinguished from towns or cities; rural. 2. Simple, artless, or unsophisticated. 3. Uncouth, rude, or boorish. 4. Made of roughly dressed limbs or roots of trees, as garden seats. 5. (Of stonework) having the surfaces rough or irregular and the joints sunken or beveled. Enjoy Rustic Jewelry every Day This definition above, from the Dictionary.com website, gives an insight into the prevalent attitude towards…


Perfect Presents for Wine Lovers

Stuck for pressie ideas this Christmas? If you know someone who is passionate about their wine, you can be sure it’s high on their wish list. So how do you decide what to put under the tree – which vintage, which variety, which region? It’s easy to find the perfect wine present if you stick…


Benefits of Using Tents for Your Event

Whether you are hosting a work event, your wedding or your child’s first birthday party, you want the event to be perfect. This means finding the perfect venue but they can be expensive and not everything that you need. There are many benefits to hiring a large tent or marquees and holding your event there….