ChildProof Your New Home

Moving to a new house is a real tough challenge for the whole family. One needs to know that there are many different aspects to it than just the actual act of moving from one house to another. The house needs to be facilitated before you actually move in it. And if you have small children in the family, that facilitation needs to start with them in mind. Or in other words, you will going to have to make the house a safe environment for your kids to grow up in. Childproofing your home has to be a top priority. But you probably feel pretty lost and don’t know where to start from. However, you need not despair. Here are some advices on how to make your home safe for your children.
ChildProof your New Home
Water is probably the biggest threat to kids. This cannot be stressed more – never leave the kids around water unattended. Either when they are taking a bath, or near the family outdoor pool or jacuzzi. As little as a minute can turn out to be fatal. Children’s lungs are not as ‘trained’ as adults’ ones and therefore they are not able to hold their breath underwater for more than a couple of seconds. If, let’s say, the doorbell or phone rings, either ignore them, or wrap your child in a towel and go answer it together. As for the toilet itself, it can also be a potential threat, as kids can drown in as little as one inch of water. And since kids are more top-heavy than adults, they can lean forward and fall into the pot. There are special toilet locks, which you can find useful for this purpose.
The kitchen also hides a lot of dangers for a child. Starting with the heat hazards. Burns from heat leave nasty marks on a person’s body, which rarely ever heal. If you want to protect your child from burns, take high precautions. Always turn off the oven once you stop using it. Everybody knows that kids enjoy touching everything. Keep the pans and casseroles, containing hot meals, away from the counter top’s edge, so that children can’t reach them. Same goes for sharp and various metallic kitchenware. Keep them stored somewhere, rather than on display. Put safety latches on those cabinets that contain cleaning agents or other materials that could harm the child’s health. Put non-slip tablecloths so that the little one can’t pull it, causing whatever is on the table to fall over him/her.
However, many threats can be found all around the house. All staircases are dangerous areas. Install safety gates at both the bottom and the top of the stairs. Needless to say, falling down the stairs can lead to fatal consequences. Using doorknob covers for keeping children away from certain rooms is a smart idea. They are relatively cheap, easy to install and can prevent all kids from opening the desired door. Put edge and corner bumpers on furniture, and pretty much all places where a child can bump into and hurt him/herself. Put your furniture and pieces of interior away from windows. This will discourage the kids from climbing onto the windowsills, which, usually, are not so sturdy that could hold even a child. Make sure the higher pieces of furniture are stable enough and will not tip. See to it that the cords of your window blinds are not looped. They are a serious strangulation hazard for your kids.
Whatever you do at home, whatever re-modeling you might be doing, always put children first. After all, their well-being is the most important thing of them all.

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