Give Your Event A Hint Of The Spectacular

When organising an event, such as a wedding or big birthday bash, it is always good to have something unusual and spectacular there to wow the guests and to give the party something to be remembered by, otherwise you risk it drifting into a blur of parties or events people have been to in the past. Having something spectacular makes people look back and say “wow, I remember that launch party because it had an amazing ice sculpture,” or something like that.
Ice sculptures
Ice sculptures are fantastic pieces of art and the carvers who create them are brilliantly talented. They can be created to be visually fantastic and there really are no limits as to what you can do with ice, but they can also serve a purpose. Ice sculptures are usually associated with extravagant events as a showpiece because of the lifetime of the piece. How long your sculpture lasts is really dependent on the size and atmosphere where it is being displayed. Usually the carver will start out with a big block of ice a suitable size for the sculpture they intend to create, but as for what they will create, there are many possibilities.
Types of Ice sculptures
A lot of companies will use ice sculptures at a launch event for a new product or even at award ceremonies to give the impression that it is a lavish occasion. When creating a logo, the carvers are able to “float” wording or imagery in the centre of the ice, making your logo stand out and look incredible. Using certain techniques they can ensure the sculpture will last the duration of your event, so don’t worry – you’re not going to be left with a puddle of water on a table when your guests are leaving.
A very popular use of ice sculptures is for party organisers to put on an occasion to remember. They will often opt for an ice luge, which can be sculpted into anything you wish, which is particularly good if you have a theme to your bash. You can literally have anything made into a luge such as a 007 pistol where the luge runs through the pistol, an F1 racing car or a spectacular luge with ice bottle holders at the top to house your Champagne. Ice luges are used for pouring a spirit, Champagne or a non-alcoholic drink down. Somebody can put a glass (or their mouth) to the end and get a refreshing drink of whatever they desire.

Simon Simpson is writing on behalf of Glacial Art

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