Giving A House A New Year Makeover

What are your plans for 2013? The world is your oyster in terms of what you want to do to improve the standards and quality of your life.
Some people will think that it is time to get active and head down to their local gym to sign up for a membership which they will probably only use a handful of times.
Others will look towards their professional life for areas of improvement. A new job could mean an invigorated attitude towards their career, a more proactive approach to the opportunities their career could throw their way and very simply more money.
Some people may look towards their love life for improvement. The end of 2012 can act as a book end for the single life and 2013 the beginning of wanting to settle down in a relationship. Although it is easier said than done in some cases, the idea of an individual getting themselves back on the market is enough of an oyster to make 2013 a year full of happy memories.
Others will look a little closer to home for their 2013 improvements. In fact, many people will actually look AT their home for their 2013 improvements. Tasking yourself with kitting out the kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage, bathroom or any other room you may have in the house is often a first port of call for those with a bit of pride in where they live. However, it goes without saying that it is a completely different kettle of fish in comparison to those who sign up to a £40 a month gym and only turn up for the first two weeks. Once the decision is made and the first of the furniture is purchased or removed and the flooring is pulled up, there is no going back; it is a project that has to be seen through to the end.
When it is considered how much has to be thought about and planned in giving a property a makeover for the New Year, it can be quite daunting.
The best advice is to firstly consider the style of the room you have settled taking a sledgehammer too. It doesn’t have to be something as far out as replacing the complete kitchen, it can be something as simple and as bold as settling on a new colour palette. This will spawn ideas for the furniture, flooring and accessories which will give you an appropriate platform to work from.

This guest blog was written by Thomas Baker, on behalf of Flooring UK.

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