The Philander Ring (Or the Curious Phenomenon of Hollywood Stars Wearing Wedding Bands Despite Rocky Marriages)

With all the current hoopla on Twilight star K-Stew (that’s Kristen Stewart to the uninformed) getting caught having an affair with her married director Rupert Sanders, one would think celeb watchers had better things to do than look at these people’s ring fingers.

Rupert Kirsten

At the Twilight of their marriage…

Well, it seems like after dissecting the possible goings-on before, during, and after such affairs, there really is nothing better to do than go ring-finger watching! Recent Hollywood reports and paparazzi shots reveal that both Rupert Sanders and his wife, model Liberty Ross, are still wearing their wedding rings in very public LA. Many are driven to conclude that the presence of these wedding bands on the married couple’s ring fingers means they may be trying to salvage the marriage for the sake of their two kids.

Do not remove after Seal is broken

However, some divorced celebrities have set a precedent of still wearing their wedding bands even after their marriage had been dissolved. Supermodel Heidi Klum and recording artist Seal are two examples. The un-couple has been photographed running errands and making public appearances with their gold wedding bands still visible on their respective ring fingers. Speculation on why this is so runs high, but many ascribe the act to the couple’s obvious respect for each other.

The Spanish Crisis

Another Hollywood couple displaying wedding bands despite rumors of an impending divorce are Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. Married for sixteen years, news about Banderas’ flirtations with other women fed the gossip mill and led to the conclusion that Griffith has abandoned ship on their union. Yet recent photos of the actress on a holiday in Hawaii showed her still wearing her gold wedding band.

What do all these scenarios mean? Is there a certain period wherein a philandering Hollywood husband is allowed to wear the ultimate accessory of love and loyalty until…well, until he feels like taking it off or is forced to? Are these celebrities merely holding on to their wedding bands to appease the public? Or does the presence of the rings mean there is genuine effort to try to make the marriage work?

Hollywood being the hotbed of divorce and infidelity, it is really tough to tell. For many ordinary citizens, however, there seems to be an unspoken list of wedding ring etiquette that many subscribe to. Plenty of relationship coaches advice recent divorcees to pause and really consider what the wedding band means to them post-divorce. Assigning romantic connotation to it can signal some difficulty in getting over the relationship, so perhaps selling the ring and using the money for something frivolous (a much-needed exotic vacation) or more worthwhile (to pay for the divorce legal fees) could help. Also, lots of suddenly-single women have taken to switching their wedding bands to their right ring fingers, instead. Whether or not they had their rings altered (re-set, melted, had stones added, etc.), former wedding bling worn on the right hand seems to be the new symbol of a liberated, single-and-ready-to-mingle woman.

Now, if only wedding band-wearing in Hollywood was this easy to decipher.

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