Preparing Your Home for a Baby

The arrival of a new child in our lives is a joyous, yet chaotic time especially if it is our first. The cutesy baby bawls at the top of their lungs when they’re not happy and they certainly won’t be unless we’re prepared for their arrival ahead of time. There is nothing worse than fumbling around your home trying to find what you need when the little one is showing its unhappiness. For that reason we aim to give you some hints on what you can do before the big day arrives to make your transition from your regular life to that of being a parent. We begin with the following:

The baby’s room

Babies need to feed frequently the first few months and by frequently we mean in the middle of the night. It will be difficult and you need to consider where you want to do that. Since you will have maternity leave your spouse or loved one might need their sleep if they’re going to work. Keeping a designated room further away from your bedroom might help alleviate the disturbance called by your baby. As this will most likely be the baby’s room make sure you clean it very well before it arrives to avoid allergies and other unpleasant conditions.

Another thing you need to organize in your baby’s room is a diaper changing “station” so to speak. You need to have that as close to the crib as possible and you need to have all the supplies you need on hand. Wipes, diapers, rash ointments and a handy trash can are a must. Never leave your baby unattended because they tend to wiggle around a lot which may end up with them falling off the changing table. Since its likely you’ll be feeding your baby in the same room having a nice rocking chair there would be nice as well as several pacifiers. You’ll feel relaxed while doing it and the baby will enjoy the rocking motion. A carrier or carrier seat is naturally the other thing you will need as well. These are the bare essentials of what you must have to begin with as the rest can come later down the line. Items such as baby swings, bouncy seats and so on are secondary. The only other thing you may consider having is a baby monitor as it will help you out greatly.

Babyproofing your home

Even though we’re talking about a baby and not a toddler here leaving your baby unattended can be dangerous. There are plenty of things that could go bad if you have done nothing to secure your home against their inquisitive and curious nature. Make sure all sharp or breakable objects are out of reach or secured. Corner covers can help with sharp edges of furniture and do your best to secure every possible hazard around your home so you don’t suffer later down the line with possible accidents. Burner covers, latches for cabinets and the like will go a long way in keeping this to a minimum. Here are some more hints on what you can do:

Fans and space heaters should be kept well out of reach of a baby for obvious reasons.
Buy electric outlet plugs to block access to them
Always lock your windows
Remove or shorten cords on blinds, phones and pretty much any danger of strangulation
Place some decals on glass doors to keep your baby from bumping into them
Keep pillows out of the crib until the baby is at least a year old
Never leave small objects within reach. Babies are curious and inquisitive and they’ll put literally anything in their mouth.
Get a toilet bowl latch and never leave your kid unattended in the bathroom

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