Top Tips For Fireworks Displays All The Family Can Enjoy

Top Tips For Fireworks Displays All The Family Can Enjoy

Any fireworks display should be organised with the utmost safety in mind. This is particularly important when dealing with children, who tend to account for the largest number of accidents per year. Beginning with a general level of safety that will ensure that the fireworks display you put on is safe for anyone, it’s then worth considering some specific ways in which children’s safety can be increased. Covering areas like sparklers and what to do in the event of an injury, the following guide should help to make safety a key part of an enjoyable fireworks display.

First Steps

When buying fireworks, always check that they carry a BS 7114 or a CE mark – this shows that they’ve been approved by health and safety regulators. Licensed fireworks should also be sold in reputable stores close to major events like Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. For displays put on for weddings and parties, always go for a licensed seller, and don’t be tempted to save money on cheaper fireworks. In terms of finding the right space for a display, make sure that you give enough room between the fireworks and the crowd, as well as any surrounding buildings or trees that might catch alight. 20m to 100m if usually recommended. Moreover, inform any neighbours of the display, and consider taking out public liability insurance in the event of an accident.

One person should be the chief organiser for the displays, and should be responsible for letting off fireworks on the night. This person should ideally be someone who’s had experience with fireworks before. Responsible adults can be used as supervisors on the night, both for crowd control and keeping an eye on children. On the night, set up your display stand well in advance of it getting dark, and make sure you know the order in which your fireworks will be let off.

Lock pets in the house before you start the fireworks, and ensure that the crowd are given instructions over which areas to not cross. Lay down some tape if unsure. Invest in a fireproof jacket or gloves, and keep sand and plenty of water on hand in the event of a spark or a firework malfunctioning. If a firework hasn’t gone off, but you’re not sure if it’s still live, douse it in water, and inform the fire service if you don’t want to take the risk of approaching it.

Child Safety

When organising an event with a lot of people, you need to focus on child supervision, especially around younger children and babies. As a general rule, babies should not attend fireworks events if they are going to be upset by loud noises and the crowds. In terms of sparklers, do not give them to children under 5, and make sure that anyone with a sparkler is well supervised. Moreover, never allow a child to light or handle a fireworks display. If an accident does occur, have a first aid kit on hand while informing emergency services. For sparks in the eye, cover them with gauze rather than trying to wash it yourself. The same goes for serious burns, which can be treated with cool water and gauze before an ambulance can arrive.

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Rob James is a father of four girls, who recommends you buy Fireworks online from Dynamic Fireworks.  He has found they are very helpful and safety conscious.  Rob’s Girls at time of writing were aged 6-10 and have experience many safe bonfire nights.  He can be found blogging about many different aspects of family life.

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