His & Her Valentine’s Day Gifts

Heart baloonsSaint Valentine’s Day is commonly known as Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on the 14th of February mostly in Western countries. The day has Christian roots but has lost its religious meaning and has just become a day associated with romantic love. It has evolved to become a day on which lovers express their love for one another by giving flowers, sweets and sending greeting cards. People are often left in a quandary regarding what to buy their significant other- some want to give a touching gift, others a more humorous gift and others see it as an opportunity to express their unwavering love for the most special person in their life. Whatever your goal we’ll help you out with some gift ideas for your special lady or man in your life.


The Kitchy

What can you do? A day dedicated to love has the obvious potential or becoming an opportunity to be as kitchy, camp and cheesy as possible. For the kitch-lovers here are some ideas…

  • Anything heart-shaped- mugs, key-rings, pillows, etc.
  • Soft toys of any kind- unless your lady is the kind to go ga-ga over furry animals you can’t get much more kitchy than this…
  • Cheap sweets and chocolates that you picked up at the corner-store because you realized too late what the date is…

The Edible

As human-beings we do love something delicious to eat and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to present our other-half with a delectable treat.

  • Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Just make sure to invest in some pricey, special, high-class chocolate and hope that your other-half lets you share.
  • Champagne, wine or any other alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed together is also a nice touch.

The Classy

  • Jewelry (for the lady) is always lovely. Make sure to buy something that is her style and you’ll have one very happy lady.
  • On a similar note, a beautiful jewelry holder is also a great gift for the lady in your life.
  • A gorgeous watch is lovely for a male, as are chic cuff links.


The Experience

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable, splash out and buy a gift package that will create wonderful memories.

  • Fly away together to somewhere nearby and enjoy a romantic get-away
  • Book a romantic spa experience for two in a local spa and be transported to another reality together as you relax, get pampered and enjoy each other.
  • Alternatively, buy a spa set and bring the spa experience in to your home.

The key to the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift is to really have a think about your partner and to decide what would make them most happy- will they most enjoy a cheap, sweet gift that means a lot, an expensive top-of-the-range gift or a food gift? The most important thing, as with any gift, is to really invest time in thinking about what would make the recipient happy. Obviously there is the added aspect of being able to buy something that you will both enjoy for Valentine’s Day but do make sure that first and foremost it will make your other half happy.

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